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Hi and welcome to our studio,


These are our artists,


WOLF (the owner)

I have always been intrigued by tattoos since having my first, some thirty five years ago by an artist

we affectionately called Fast Eddie, who was at that time working here in Sheffield. Having been quite good at art

at school and studying fine art I decided to buy my first set of equipment and tattooed friends and myself

for several years. In 1985 I met a friend overseas who was returning from a tattoo tour in India, he persuaded me

to stop playing the game and start to do it professionally. I then undertook a two year training scheme

  learning about different techniques and associated hygiene matters. For the next few years

I worked for several international studios based in Germany and Lithuania, then in 1994 I opened my first studio

and never looked back since.

So, yes Dragon Tattoos was first born in 1994 in Romania, the first international tattoo studio in that country or

should I say the first and only tattoo studio in Romania at that time. Due to personal reasons in 1999, I had to bring

Dragon Tattoos back to England. I enjoy all types of work, but tend to favour black and gray and I appreciate

customers who let my artistic imagination loose on their bodies. My last project is to have my custom build,

state of art tattoo studio. Have I succeeded? Why not come in and see for yourself. I am waiting to welcome you all here.

DI (the wife)

Hi everybody, My profile is not going to start with the usual "I was always interested in art" because I will start

with a lie. I was studying to become a lawyer, when I first come in contact with the wonderful world of tattoos.

How? It's a very long story, but to cut it short, I met my husband, a wonderful men and a brilliant artist,

devoted to his work. Common, how many of you take a girl on first date home and get her to sort out new tattoo designs.

I was amazed seeing all this beautiful pieces of work. That night I've found out the whole story, that night

I found out about the art of tattooing and Dragon Tattoos.

Second day, I've walk for the first time in a tattoo studio. Wow! how can I explain that feeling, I am not

even going to try. I loved helping out, cleaning, dealing with customers and especially watching my husband

putting his art onto people’s skin. Again, a big Wow. I was so excited, forget been a lawyer, this is what I wanted

to be able to do. I sat and watch for hours and hours, days and days, drawing was getting easier and two years

later I'm sitting in my husband chair putting my first piece of artwork, if you can call it that on to his skin.


What an honour, I was so nervous and in same time excited, but I needed to prove to myself that I can

do it. Needle went into the skin and, here I am 13 years later working for Dragon Tattoos in my

own chair, next to my husband. I love every minute when I'm in that chair. I often get ask if I get bored,

my answer, you cannot get bored doing something when you enjoy it so much. I love flowers, black and grey, but

in the same time I love every style . I will never stop learning, I  will always be an apprentice. I hope you have not

found my story boring, as I'm far from being a boring person. You are welcome to come in and check our studio

out, you will not be disappointed.



Tattoo SheffieldCHRIS (Hoppy)

My intrest in tattooing started as far back as I can remember.

Over the years I have used my skills in numerous tattoo studios

Imperial Tattoo - Spital Hill 1987-1989

The Tattoo Studio - Brampton 1989-1990

Flash O Colour - Park Hill 1990-1993

Imperial Tattoo - Wicker Arches 1993-1996

Dragon Claw - Ripley 1996-1997

Mr C's - Rotherham1999-2007

I have been with the guys at Dragon Tattoos since 2008. We try our best to give our customers the service

that they deserve.

All I can say is that I still love and enjoy every minute of it. Even after all this years. So if you like my work

please come and see us


JOHN (Gentle Jhonny)


What can I say about myself. I use tattooing as a hobby and I love it. I have been here at Dragon since 2002 every saturday. So if you want to find out why peole are calling me Gentle Johnny why not come in and find out . Looking forward to meeting you.








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