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Does a tattoo hurt?  
Everyone has a different threshold for pain, some people consider having a tattoo not painful at all, others find the pain devastating.Some people describe the feeling as a"burning scratch"others think it is more "annoying" then painful. Another thing to consider is the fact that nearly everyone is nervous when they go to get a tattoo, it could be the first, second or tenth one there is always a feeling of apprehension when you sit in the chair.

The first 60 seconds is usually the worst and after that your body,s natural defence, your endorphins, will kick in to easy any pain or discomfort, then is when you realise that it's just not that bad. Professional tattoo artists sometimes tend to forget what it feels like to be on the other side of the chair for the first time. So, "DOES IT HURT?" - "YES" but most of the people will say that it is not as bad as they feared. Before your tattoo everybody tells you horror stories about people passing out and crying from the intense pain. First of all pain is not the culprit, when somene faints during a tattoo, Most of the time it is due to allowing yourself to get to worked up and or wound up by your own fear ,or by your friends or the pub tattoo artist, not eating, or lack of rest wil drop your blood sugar ,This can also contribute to fainting.

If you have a fear of needles or blood, getting a tattoo isn't going to be easy.However the tattoo needle only goes in about 1/16 of an inch, so if you have a look at a ruler you will see how insignificant that is. The needles move in an up and down motion, pushing ink just below the surface of the skin. The damage to your skin is so minimal that many people don't bleed at all or very little. The tattoo artist will also be cleaning your skin constantly of any traces of blood. Having alcohol in the last 48 hours prior to your tattoo, taking any kind of blood thinner(i.e. aspirin) can be the result of excessive bleeding, so try to stay away from this.


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