People have many reasons for wanting to reduce or remove tattoos.  Whether your

tattoo is a reminder of a relationship that didn’t work out, an act of youthful rebellion, you want to change career and your visible tattoos are causing problems or

you just want to fade away an old tattoo to have something new; we have

the laser tattoo removal options that you need. Do not hesitate to contact us

for more information about the tattoo removal services that we offer.

There is a minimum price of £20.00 per session, but we really need to see the tattoo first. We give  free of charge consultation with our laser technician.


How it works


The laser hits the tattoo area causing a reaction in the ink which breaks the particles into microscopic pieces. Your natural immune defence absorbs the pieces, causing the tattoo to simply fade away over a number of tratments. Some brighter colours don’t absorb the energy as well and take a little longer to break down, but in the majority of cases there is no trace of a tattoo after 5-20 sessions.

The ink used in your tattoo can slow the process.  Some colours  absorb the energy well and  fade quicker and others break down slowly and therefore require more treatment sessions, but with patience and persistence the majority of customers can experience complete removal.

Does it hurt?

 All clients have different tolerance levels when it comes to pain. Many clients compare the feeling to an elastic band being snapped against the area. It’s uncomfortable but easily managed by most people. The process is very quick.

Another main concern is about scarring. With all medical procedures involving the skin there is a chance of scarring, it all depends on ho the tattoo as done, the inks and the most imortant aftercare.



 Laser Tattoo Removal is the only real option to be considered in removing a tattoo. A consultation will inform you in detail about cost, the process and

anything else you want to know.

Consultations are free; come and have a chat with us.





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